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By PAUL ZOLLO Carrie Wade is a seriously great songwriter. There’s a whole lot of people writing songs these days, and it’s always evident which ones have the gift, the spark, and which don’t. Carrie Wade has that spark. And that…

Girls Rock! LA Examiner | Carrie Wade

Los Angeles Examiner

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Carrie Wade is more than just another gal with a guitar. She is an artist who refuses to be easily labeled. Perhaps that should be no surprise considering that she has been exposed to various styles of music since childhood.

Rootstime - Carrie Wade Review


ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF THE ROOTSTIME REVIEW (the Dutch): Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Carrie Wade surprises all with her debut album “The Old Ways”. All ten tracks on this CD, music and lyrics, were written entirely by Carrie Wade and with…

Leicester Bangs | Carrie Wade Review

Leicester Bangs

Carrie Wade – The Old Ways (Independent) Originally released in 2009, and getting a much deserved second push, Carrie Wade’s debut album harks back to the classic singer-songwriter albums of the early ‘70s, but with plenty of contemporary

Los Angeles Examiner | Carrie Wade Interview

Los Angeles Examiner

(text taken from the L.A. Examiner) Our interview begins with a discussion of Los Angeles: W.E. What are your analytic impressions of Los Angeles and how does L.A. relate to your music? C.W. I think to a large extent it’s no different than it was de…

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