Love, Me

Dear thoughtless,
Now, that’s not a mighty crime
but hard just the same
‘cause I couldn’t call you mine
Hardly ever
and then always in the dark
You gave me just enough
you bit me with your bark

You brutalized my heart ‘til my blood ran cold
Don’t ya think that that could get a little old

Dear me-less,
Now you tell me that you ache
Ya mean like I did?
You can’t give what you can take
And it’s senseless,
to consider it our fate
I’ve done my time
You’re too late

Stompin’ on my guts ‘til I was sick inside
Don’t ya think that I would wanna run and hide?
We squeezed out the last bit of love ‘til it died
Only god and me and you knows how hard we tried
We tried
But, in the middle of me is a hole where my soul used to be
Oh, listen to me please
Love, me
Love, me
Love, me

Love, me